Door County Master Gardeners Association, Inc.
The Garden Door

Open Daily Sunrise to Sunset
Free to the Public

The Garden Door was created in 2004 at the UW Peninsular Research Station which is a few miles north of Sturgeon Bay on Highway 42.  The garden is designed and maintained by members of the Door County Master Gardeners Volunteers.
The garden is free and open to the public daily from dawn til dusk.

 It has a fairie garden, double kaleidoscope, pond with koi, a children's play area, butterfly garden, wind and sound tunnel, grasses area with bottle trees, wences, annual and perennial beds. To the north you will find a community garden where the DCMGV and research/extension office personnel can plant and harvest crops each summer.
Each spring six plots are used by the third graders in Sturgeon Bay to plant pioneer and Native American crops. In fall, as fourth graders they harvest the crops and learn about grinding corn, pressing apples, herbs, etc.


Some of our 23 NEW Members:Left to Right:
Sitting:  Tricia Hanson, Mike Hanson, Mary Moster,  Kate Leroy,  Mark and
Pamela Lea Honald.
Middle row:  Nancy Anschutz, Shirley Romsos, Donna Michalowski, Vickie Daoust, and
Jeanne Marie White
Last row: Barb Henkelmann, Alan Romsos, Ken Michalowski, Nancy Santoriello, Carole Connelly, Karen Isensee, and Debbie Olsonoski.
Three members were not available for the picture: Jerold & Margaret Needelman,
and Brian Bergee. 

Meet and Greet 2014


MISSION STATEMENT: The Door County Master Gardeners Association, Inc., in partnership with UW-Extension, shall strive to make a positive impact on horticulture in our community through education, community outreach and stewardship of our environment.


Egg Harbor-Pumpkin Patch receives a
Giant Pumpkin from DCMGA
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Peninsular Research Station Highway 42, a few miles north of Sturgeon Bay




Holiday Party Pics 2013
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DCMGA URL LIST    Gary Kemp created a URL reference list of gardening sites.
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Education Classes  2014 - CROSSROADS @ BIG CREEK
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4/8/2014 Butterfly Gardens Chriss Daubner Chriss Daubner 7:00    
4/15/2014 Landscape Design 101 Tom Luebker Allen Miller 7:00    
4/22/2014 Choosing Plants Wisely Tom Luebker Allen Miller 7:00    
4/29/2014 Intersectional Peonies Sue Zimmerman Lee Summerville 7:00    
8/24/2014 Solaris Farms Nate Bremer Allen Miller 7:00 members only  


      Trees are the oldest and the largest living things on earth.  Some are weird, some extraordinary, some gorgeous, and some shaped by the human hand to fascinate and amuse. Please enjoy these  images–or better yet, take a walk in the woods and greet them in person with appreciation.

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